Job Jansweijer » AXA Rigid

AXA, the leader of bicycle locks on the Dutch Market, asked us to find a new market to approach with their expertise. This design aims to provide a bicycle parking solution that is safe and easy to use. Because of the integrated lock, it is practically impossible to steal the bike. An OV-Chipcard can be used to lock and unlock the AXA Rigid.
Another goal of this parking solution is to solve the bicycle parking issues that are now very common at train stations. Because it is visible to the authorities how long a bike is parked in the AXA Rigid, so called 'stray bikes' (bikes that are parked at the train station for longer than 28 days) can easily be identified and removed.

Project in collaboration with Peter Blesgraaf, Daan Janssen, Arjen Oenema and Lysanne Vossen